An essential and complete guide for the biotechnology companies operating in Singapore.


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New scheme to develop pharma manufacturing

A new scheme unveiled yesterday is primed to give drug-makers and the wider manufacturing sector a shot in the arm as disruptive change roils industries and poses huge challenges to bosses.

The initiative centres on bringing pharmaceutical giants together to jointly develop new technologies and enhance productivity.

Biomedical manufacturing is a key contributor to the overall manufacturing ...more

Heading towards a biosensor revolution in healthcare industry

ROUNTABLE Participants:

- Dr Loke Wai Chiong, healthcare sector leader, Deloitte South-east Asia; - Linus Tham, group chief information officer, Parkway Pantai; - Dr Tan Teck Jack, chairman & medical director, North-east Medical Group; - William Chew, managing director, myHealth Sentinel (mHS); - Adjunct associate professor Gamaliel Tan, chief medical informatics officer and head, Department ...more

US life science company's team here developed key cloud-enabled product


US-BASED life science company Thermo Fisher Scientific, which produces life science instruments in Singapore for the global market, has expanded its presence in Asia-Pacific and emerging markets in the last few years to more than 20 per cent of the total global revenue.

Ravi Shastri, Thermo Fisher Scientific's vice-president and general manager of South-east Asia and Taiwan, ...more

GSK opens high-tech consumer behaviour lab


GLAXOSMITHKLINE (GSK) Consumer Healthcare wants to know what consumers want - why they make the choices they do while shopping and what influences those choices.

To this end, the pharmaceutical giant on Thursday unveiled a Shopper Science Lab, kitted out with technology - hardware and software for eye-tracking, facial biometrics and data visualisation.

With the ...more

Found: Molecule that stops heart from self-healing

Scientists here have discovered a chemical compound in mice that prevents heart muscle cells from repairing themselves. If it can be blocked, heart muscle cells can regenerate, like skin cells, and the heart may be able to heal itself.

With cardiovascular disease accounting for almost 20 per cent of all deaths here, researchers from the Agency for Science, Technology and Research's Genome ...more

Biotech sector poised to deliver more health and wealth

On May 24, a local biotechnology company successfully raised US$33 million (S$44.8 million) through an initial public offering on the Taipei Exchange (TPEx), valuing the company at US$300 million.

This went largely unnoticed by most of Singapore, but caused ripples of excitement throughout the local biotech and research circles.

The company that listed on the TPEx was none other ...more

New lab to provide customised cancer treatment

The Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS) has launched a new laboratory that will help provide customised, cutting-edge treatment for cancer patients.

The lab - set up in partnership with local healthcare bioanalytic firm Invitrocue - will develop models of cancerous tumours using cells from patients, and utilise tech tools like artificial intelligence and data mining to trawl through genetic ...more

Focus on quality and purity

THE JCS group of companies, which is among the winners of the SME100 awards this year was founded 27 years ago in 1990 by Jason Yeo and includes companies that provide products and solutions for the technology, biotech, renewable energy, aerospace, healthcare and consumer markets.

The focal companies for the award were BioCair, a market-leading non-toxic disinfectant used by hospitals, clinics, ...more

New cancer centre to be built at Biopolis

A new cancer centre will be built at Biopolis, in Buona Vista, and open in stages from next year.

Called the Advanced Medicine Oncology Centre, it will provide imaging, treatment delivery, and clinical informatics technologies for healthcare professionals and researchers.

It is a collaboration between Royal Philips, the Singapore Institute of Advanced Medicine Holdings (SAM), Varian ...more

Science Briefs: Conference on gene mutation

Conference on gene mutation Over 300 international scientists will gather in Singapore to share their latest findings on p53, the most common gene mutation in cancer.

Known as the "guardian of the genome", p53 works as a major tumour suppressor which defends cells in the body from any form of stress, including radiation, preventing them from becoming cancerous.

However, when mutated, ...more

Singapore-based firm on track to commercialise cancer drug


SCIENTISTS are now a step closer to turning cancer patients' own immune cells (T-cells) against the tumours in their bodies - and possibly finding a cure for the dreaded disease.

A Singapore-based biotechnology firm has emerged ahead of the very crowded research field of T-cell immunotherapy, by conducting the world's first US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Phase Three ...more

Engineering 'good' bacteria to kill bad ones

We are never alone.

Our bodies are in constant cohabitation with microbial cells. The composition of these microbial cells, an ecosystem known as the microbiome, exerts tremendous influence on our health. Just the right mix of bacteria can help to protect us from numerous chronic and acute diseases.

Recent scientific studies have highlighted the association of the microbiome with ...more

Pharma stocks a growing healthcare sub-segment


EVEN though pharmaceuticals is one of the smaller sub-segments in the Singapore Exchange's (SGX's) cluster of healthcare stocks, its year-to-date market cap-weighted average total return of 7.3 per cent is almost double that of the 3.8 per cent generated by the SGX All Healthcare Index - the benchmark for listed healthcare companies here.

The six stocks are: Tianjin ZhongXin ...more

Bayer reports record Asia-Pac sales for 6th straight year on rising, ageing population


GERMAN chemicals giant Bayer is on a high in the Asia-Pacific, reporting record sales for the sixth year running.

Pharmaceuticals sales are up 8.6 per cent at 4.8 billion euros (S$7.25 billion) for 2016. This is more than a quarter of its total sales worldwide, said Claus Zieler, senior vice-president and head of commercial operations at its Asia-Pacific pharmaceutical division.

He ...more

Home-grown blood cancer drug to start patient trials

The developers of home-grown blood cancer drug ETC-206 hope to start trials in August on patients who are in the late stages of the cancer.

The drug, which is orally administered, will be tested on blood cancer patients in groups of three. Clinical trials began last December and will test up to 34 healthy volunteers.

ETC-206 was primarily developed by the Experimental Therapeutics ...more
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