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The Singapore Biotech Guide is Singapore’s premier biotech industry publication. Since it was first published in 2003, its purpose has remained constant and that is to contribute towards the development of the local biotech sector by providing pharma and biotech organisations here and beyond with essential start-up information and a comprehensive industry directory. The Guide ...more

Foreword by Director, Biomedical Sciences, EDB

In fast growing regions such as Asia, many countries are confronted with unmet healthcare needs and increasing accessibility to healthcare. Singapore has invested strongly in building up our Biomedical Sciences industry to date, and has built up a strong foundation. Today, Singapore is home to more than 50 biomedical sciences manufacturing plants, producing a wide range ...more

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The First Phase of a Biotech Operation. The 2017/2018 Edition

Derrick Tan W. M., Ph.D. - Managing Consultant 1st Phase Operations Director AsiaPac Bio LLP Marvin Ng, MBA, BSc (Microbiology) - Director Greener Grass Communications Director DN Venture Partners Director AsiaPac Bio LLP Derrick Tan - founded 1st Phase Operations in 2002 to provide a one-stop operations consultancy service in business planning and admin / facility ...more

Special Feature: Pharma Manufacturing – Staying Ahead of the Curve